Dear oh dear. What a crazy time it’s been! 

Last year I had a radioactive iodine tablet to kill off my thyroid due to a thyroid disorder I have. It led to an extreme shift in my ability to do literally anything… as small and as simple as lifting my arm… I couldn’t do it!

So just as I was starting to feel a bit like myself again, at the end of January I was rushed into hospital in agony. It turns out it was my gallbladder, which I’d been suffering with for 5 years. In a nut shell they did a scan and it was inflamed, they took it out and discovered it was gangrenous and infected too, filled with puss (NICE!).

While this was going on, my husband was in America visiting his mum, grandma and friends… great timing! But obviously we didn’t know this was going to happen (although it’s been a ticking time bomb for years).

I did actually look into getting my gallbladder out when I lived in America with my husband and kids, but I couldn’t afford it, even with health insurance! (I don’t know how they manage out there, the healthcare fascinated me and worried me the whole time I was there). Ironically though, if I had it taken out as an emergency, like I did out here, it would’ve been free, as I was fully covered for emergencies, which was one weight off my mind!

Anyway I was lucky I had my parents and my sisters to help me out with my kids while I was in hospital and after.

One thing that concerned me was the fact I’d just dropped off a load of Avon books to a new area, stating that I’m their new Avon rep and I’m reliable and bla bla bla… then I couldn’t go back and collect those books! ARGHH! I was mortified!

So now that’s all out the way, I’m hoping 2019 will be a chance to get my life back on track. Thankfully the whole time this has been going on, my customers have had complete 24/7 access to my online store! That’s what’s so fantastic about the online store, it’s available when life throws you curveballs! I think the free delivery over £30 really helps customers with online ordering, as it’s no different to ordering from me via a brochure.

So I’m back now, I’m on the mend, hopefully I’ll be a bit more regular with blog posts too now!! I’ve missed updating my website. I love the computer side of Avon.

My online store continues to remain open and will do, always. Feel free to browse the online Avon Brochure before placing your order. As previously stated, it’s FREE DELIVERY on all orders of £30 or more.