Earn Every Campaign with the

Fast Start Programme

Supporting and rewarding new Sales Leaders in their
first year of Advanced Leadership

With Fast Start Cash Rewards you have the opportunity to earn up to
£16,000 in your first year as a Sales Leader

What is the Fast Start Programme?

It’s a programme to support and reward you in your first year as a Sales Leader. Encouraging you to reach higher levels of success and earn more through Cash Rewards.

Who’s it for?

It’s available to all Sales Leaders in their first year of Advanced Leadership.

How does it work?

By growing your team and growing your sales, you can earn even more EVERY campaign.

What’s on the Fast Track Table?

ΔAt least one Generation 1 (Paid Title) Coordinator+ required.
Cash Rewards will only be paid to untitled Sales Leader at LLOA1-3.
Titled Sales Leaders will receive Cash Rewards LLOA1-18.
Estimated based on assumptions.
G1 Actives – Representatives placing an order.
LLOA1 – When tour first appointed team member’s orders is processed.

Download more info here

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