4 Star Rating

I love Detective Dan! 

I had no idea what to expect at all with this book.  I’d actually purchased the third book in the series, realised it was the third book, then went on to buy the first and second book and WOW I’m so glad I did!  I LOVED this book!

It could easily be considered a stand-alone book, so if you’re not into a series, don’t worry about that.  In fact I’m guessing I could’ve just stuck to the third book I’d purchased with out bothering with books one and two, but like I said, I’m so glad I did!

“Goldilocks” in a psychopath.  She reminded me very much of Villanelle from Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings.  The story didn’t at all, but the character absolutely did.  It’s a strange thing when you really like the character who’s quite clearly a total psychopath. 

There’s Detective Dan who has a heart breaking past, who you can’t help but love.  It’s so nice to have a main character you love.  He’s so down to earth and understanding.  He’s investigating the murders made by Goldilocks.

The twists are fantastic.  There was a completely unexpected twist that left me thinking “oh, how’s that going to turn out?” and I couldn’t wait to get to the part where I was going to find out exactly how that turned out!

I love the fact the chapters are so short.  I can’t put a book down that has short chapters.  It keeps my distracted mind engaged.  However unlike most people who like smaller chapters because they can then leave the book and go back to it easily enough, it makes me constantly think “just one more chapter” and then I’m waving hello to the rising sun at 4am!

The story is an excellent fast paced story, never a dull moment.  However I did feel that it was a little rushed once we got to the resolution.

This isn’t beneficial to anyone who’s maybe using this review to consider reading the book, but my best friend in school was called Kizzy too, one of the characters early on in the book.  Just had to say so because it’s such a strange name lol.

So there it is.  I would definitely recommend reading it.  I’ve already told my bookworm sister she has to read it too!  Enjoy, if you do read it 🙂